This Picture was taken by Cindy Baker wife of William Baker while on a Memorial Day visit to
the Vietnam Veterans Wall in Washington, DC.
Imagine her surprise seeing this wreath while on her visit to DC.
History Mystery Solved

The wreath at the wall was placed by D 17 Cav Troopers
of the 199th LIB. Honoring their fallen on panel 12 W.
An action on 4/1/70 that took 6 KIA's and 18 WIA's along with Birgade General
William R. Bond
D / 17 Armor Recon Troop
were assigned to the 199th and operated in III Corp. they drove 113 Acav's and Sheridans M551.

Our thanks and a Welcome Home go out to this Gallant Troop that served so Honorably and a special thanks to;
Joseph Tchinski
D Troop 17 Cav 199th LIB
10/69 to 10/70
for this information.