Thanks go to Hank Johnson, (COL Johnson's Son)
Hank sent this picture to Tony Hoyer. Hank stated:
"found among Dad's most prized possessions."
                   Tony Hoyer comments.
"I believe it to be 1st Platoon in March 1968, southwest of Kontum in a bunker complex where we found rice, ammo
and NVA packs. The ammo was slung out by slicks and maybe the rice? I believe this photo to be taken by Sp5
(photographer) John Stidham.
That is Sp4 Colon Gonzales stacking the NVA ammo.
I blieve this photo with a story was printed in the
4th Inf Div paper. That is yours truly (CPT Hoyer-holding helmet) looking up at hovering LOH."
ID by Edd Garrison

Gingrich with cigarette,

Hatfield in left backround,

Junior Stark just beyond

Of course you recgonize
Tony Hoyer
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